Coach Schultz Talks Anthem Protest

Beaumont, TEXAS- First-year Lamar University football coach Mike Schultz on Monday addressed the recent national anthem protests during NFL games, saying although he does not support the protests he believes players are justified for their actions.

Schultz added national anthem protests don’t have a place in college football and should be left to “the NFL and Donald Trump and all those guys.”

“(The protests) are something I may not agree with (and) really don’t like, but people have the right to express themselves,” Schultz said. “That’s part of this country. That’s what it’s been.”

 Lamar, like most college football teams, is in the locker room when the national anthem is performed.

Schultz said because of that, he won’t have to address his team about protesting during the anthem.

Ray Woodard, Lamar’s football coach from 2010 to 2016, used to have his team on the sideline for the anthem.

“I like where we sit with (our team chemistry) right now,” Schultz said. “We’ll be inside the locker room and I have no intention of changing that. We’ll never have to address (national anthem protests).”


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