John Travolta in Beaumont

Southeast Texans are buzzing about John Travolta sightings in the area since Wednesday. Entertainment Weekly shares that Travolta will be in Canada next week as filming for “Life on the Line” gets underway. The movie will tell the stories of linemen who work on electrical grids. Filming is scheduled to start next week but Travolta is in Southeast Texas for training and maybe to shoot a few scenes.

Now selfies with the star are splashing over Southeast Texans’ social media sites. John Travolta was spotted touring World Gym in Beaumont Wednesday afternoon. Christian Enders walked Travolta through the facility and says the actor shared that he was in town for a few days working on a movie.

“I was a little star-struck just because I wasn’t expecting him to be, john Travolta in Beaumont Texas. That kind of threw me off a little bit,” said Enders.

Enders says Travolta wasn’t there to work out immediately but to ask questions.

“He mentioned that he was trying to bulk up and put some muscle on for this movie so, he was asking a lot of detail about our trainers and things like that,” said Enders.

Whispers that the star is filming in the Kountze area and staying in Sour Lake has fans keeping an eye out for the dark goatee Travolta was seen sporting in Beaumont. One Sour Lake woman says her aunt is in charge of cooking for the actor.

“Last night they had barbecue, tonight they’re having Mexican food and we don’t know yet what the rest of the … menu is going to be,” said Julia Vaughan.

Fan photos are generating lots of discussion online about Travolta’s goatee and where he might pop up next. But those trying to track down Travolta only have a few days left before he leaves the area and lands in Canada for filming.

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