MCM to Lamar: Good or Bad Idea?

JEFFERSON COUNTY -An online group has sparked a massive debate in Mid-County. Some are asking that the Bum Phillips Bowl be moved to Lamar University’s stadium. The reason? There aren’t enough tickets to meet demand.

Nederland alumna Heather Kugler created the “Relocate Bum Phillips Bowl to LU” Facebook page just Tuesday night, and it has over 800 likes.

“I just felt that – hey – why not? Has anyone ever thought of a bigger facility?” said Kugler.

One of biggest arguments against a venue change is that a Mid-County game should stay in Mid-County.

“People wanting it in their home stadium where they kind of have the advantage over the other team,” said Nederland fan Jinni Akins.

But Kugler said traditions don’t change when you move “houses.”

“I have a Christmas tradition in my household that is the same every year since my children have been born,” she said. “If I move houses does that mean I can’t do that tradition anymore?”

Port Neches-Groves ISD superintendent Dr. Rodney Cavness said this idea is not new.

“I’ve been asked four or five times – why don’t we have the game at Lamar?” said Cavness.

And that is just since he started at the district in 2010, but he said there is no definitive move right now to change venues – and he is wary of doing so.

“You don’t come in here and change the traditions,” he said.

Nederland’s assistant superintendent Stuart Kieschnick said, “It’s never been formally discussed.”

Cavness said if the PN-G ISD Board of Trustees even considers a venue change, “it would certainly have to be a good deal – that’d be the first rule.”

Most Mid-County parents I talked to think a switch to Lamar should be done.

Some said people in a 16,000-seat stadium would help players.

“Playing in front of a packed stadium …. I know that has be motivation for them, too,” said Nederland fan David Brown.

Those who do not want “MCM” to move, argue season ticket holders could lose their tickets. They are also afraid the schools will lose money. But most of all, they don’t want tradition to change.




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