Rockline Kennedy Sentenced

Beaumont Texas-– Jefferson County jurors sentenced Rockline Kennedy to 18 years of prison time and to pay a fine of $10,000 for killing 18-year-old Kristin Paris when he was driving drunk on I-10 in January.

Just moments after jurors rendered their verdict, the Paris family read victim impact statements.

Both Paris’ mom and dad were up at the stand in Judge John Stevens’ courtroom to try to explain to Rockline Kennedy how their lives have changed after he killed their daughter.

Kennedy whispered “I’m sorry” after his breath.

parents want to share with their adult children … I’ll never share (these) with my daughter.”

Daniel Paris, Kristin’s father, said to Kennedy, “I think 18 years is crap. I think you should have been charged with premeditated murder … You get to sit in prison … You get 3 meals a day … a place to sleep … I think it’s a travesty.” He even went on to say “I hope you die.”

Beverly Paris said, “there are so many things we’ve missed already…senior pictures, senior prom, graduation … These are just a few of the many milestones that parents look forward to sharing with their adult children that my family and I will never have the opportunity to share with Kristin.”

Outside the courtroom, surrounded by his family, Daniel Paris told us how he continues to cope with his daughter’s death.

“There’s no way to put in to words the loss of a loved daughter and the joy that she brought us before,” said Paris. “The joy that we no longer get to get from her ’cause she brought it every day.”

Rockline Kennedy’s family wiped tears from their eyes as they left the courthouse but they had no comment for the media.

Kennedy’s defense attorney James Makin, who started crying during cross examination earlier this week, says he respects the jury’s verdict.

“It was not unexpected,” said Makin. “Mr. Kennedy and we all have sympathy for the Paris family. This was a horrible event. It again illustrates dangers of drinking and driving.”

The Paris family illustrated their love for the Nederland teen by wearing shirts today that read “Fly Free” in purple and teal – her two favorite colors.

65-year-old Rockline Kennedy is eligible for parole in nine years.

The Paris family can work with the organization “Mothers Against Drunk Driving” to keep Kennedy from getting parole.



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