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Welcome to the new BigRedInsider.com!


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Welcome to the new BigRedInsider.com. For the last few months we've been working really hard on improving both our homepage and forum software to give you what we consider the best sports talk forum in the Golden Triangle. As with any new software installation there will be bugs that need to be worked out over the next few months. First off if you're an existing member you'll need to reset your passwords before getting activated on you old profile. If this becomes an issue for you please email me or our support email and we'll do our best to get you online. If you're creating an account for the first time you can disregard. I apologize but we didn't carry over all the old data so your post count will be lower than it was if you've been around since the beginning but most should have carried over.


Some of the new features we've added to the forums are a Facebook login option. If you have a Facebook account you can link it your BRI account and once linked together with a click of the button, you're logged on. We need to fix this option on Internet Explorer but if you're using Firefox or Chrome it should work. There is now "Thanks, Like and Dislike" post buttons on the bottom of every post. Just like on Facebook if you like a persons post you can let them know by clicking the "Like"button. We also now have Live Chat box on top of the forums where a member can now chat live with any other member that's logged in real time. This could be fun and come in handy on game days. The only requirement to use the chatbox is you must be a registered member. Guest can see the box but cannot use the function. There are a few more options being worked on but not quite complete so stay tuned.


As for the forums themselves we've consolidated all the Lamar forums into one location "INSIDE THE BIRD CAGE." This was done on purpose to get all the LU and SLC talk into one location. If we feel the need down the line to separate each sport again, we'll consider it. Other bigger schools sites have this setup and I feel it was worth trying here. The THIS IS SPORTSCENTER forum is all other sports talk which was the same as our old "BIG BOARD" forum so let's get some sports fans on BRI and begin having some solid sportstalk!


The 409 RECRUITING ZONE is a new forum created to discuss all local kids and their accomplishments as they play through their high school careers. The idea is to create profile threads of local players then any registered BRI member can reply to these threads by posting information, newspaper articles, pictures, stats, etc to them. We've started this process with a handful of players currently posted in the 409 RECRUITING ZONE Forum. Once you click on those threads they will show a BRI link and then any other recruiting pages they currently have like: a HUDL page, ESPN page, Rivals page, 24/7 sports page, highlight videos, etc. Any information that can help a local kid get recruited,,,,,we want it. Add to this on our new homepage there is a 409 Recruiting Zone table. This table list 10 players at a time as has links to the said threads in the forum when you click on their names. The players listed in these tables will change throughout the season. Below the Recruiting Zone table on the homepage is the 409 Athlete Spotlight. This singles out a player and has our BRI linked info about the player attached as an article. We will rotate this athlete spotlight player weekly or every few days if we get enough players interested. BigRedInsider is a Lamar based recruiting site so what better way than to display recruiting information on the kids in our local area?


There's more to come but these are the big area's of improvements we've started with. I hope that it helps gain more active members to the site so we can talk Lamar and other sports. I REALLY appreciate those of you that have stuck it out while this was going on and look forward to all of your continued contributions. Again, if anyone has any issues that need addressing or would like to provide any positive or negative feedback don't hesitate to shot us an email.


Go Cards,





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