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    • Scuttlebutt I've been hearing: - None of the guys in the portal that haven't announced a new school are closing the door on returning to Beaumont - No one is taking calls from other Southland schools, out of respect for the program, their teammates, and Coach Davis (to me, that's a testament to Davis' leadership that they don't want to double-hit the Cardinals program) - They're not recruiting as much as selecting portal guys, including from other SLC schools; pretty easy to pluck from a school like HCU since they were 9th in conference and then hired from within... if I had offers, I'd take that as a sign they're not serious about investing in the program, and thus, in me
    • Well, let's be honest. Their ability to play games is 2-3 months shorter than it is down there. Their schedule has to end by October 1st and doesn't get to start until mid-March. So the players are easily a fully puberty year behind Southern and West Coast players by the time they hit college.  Then, they get to college and have to spend most, if not all, their non-conference schedule down here... with the school spending money on travel and not getting revenue from: - Home games - Your internal game broadcast (yeah, Disney will pay to air it on ESPN+, but you don't get revenue from "Hometown Ford" sponsoring "Your Drive of the Game" or the local ADT installer with the "Home Defense POTG") ... and instead spending about $200/day per player on room, meals, travel, etc. Amazing to say about the "Mighty Big 10" but we probably can offer the guy more money and he already has relationships with players.
    • I have cousins up in Iowa.  They dont even have much of a youth baseball program.  Baseball not real high on the list
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