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  1. Lamar left the SLC twice trying to move above the "dead weight" only to see them flop and move back to the SLC. Long time Lamar fans have been disappointed by the Lamar athletic department for decades so I don't blame them for not showing up for events. Schools like Nicholls and McNeese seem to be consistently better with smaller budgets than Lamar. McNeese has taken the lead in rebuilding the conference. We'll see if Lamar can actually get to the top and consistently stay there.
  2. I'm guessing he'll be eligible to play this fall....
  3. Actually there's 7 conference games including SFA. 3 home and 4 away.
  4. College of Charleston also got screwed. They had over 40 wins and a higher RPI than Lamar.
  5. Selection Show is Monday at 11 am. Lamar's RPI is 68 so they are definitely on the bubble.
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