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LU vs Southeastern LA - Women @ 2:00 pm Men around 4:30 pm


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Hell, we stayed within 30! That's a victory....


I'm wishing we wouldn't have won that early season game....we could shoot for an O-fer season


Let's finish it up Knight-style....o-fer in conference! We can do it!


What's our enrollment? Maybe we can fudge on the numbers and get UIL to put us in 2A

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Awful. Just awful.


Does anyone actually *know* the state of Knight's contract? The contract was originally for three years, and that would mean it expires the end of this year; the only media mentions I can find looking on the Web is from 2011, when he signed his initial contract. However, I've heard a few here mention he's got two more years left. Anyone know the true scoop?


I'm hoping we don't have an expensive buyout left of two more years; it'll influence budgets and what we have to attract a replacement. Regardless, this guy's got to go the end of the year, I don't care if you have to look for volunteers to coach the team for two years. It's hard to believe a guy can recruit *this* badly.

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Listened to the game and the post game comments. One thing I will give PK credit for is he is honest. Not a quote but he basically said that the state of the program is his fault as we are getting nothing from the bench and that is his fault. To win he is going to have to get some help off of the bench. Don't know what the final outcome was but at one point today Dave said we were out scored 29-2 off the bench. Seem like it was similar at UNO and other places.
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He has this year and next left on his contract. He was given a one year extension after the first season.


I listened to the 2nd half of the game, and his interview with Dave after the game. The most honest he has been all year in a interview. Almost as if someone told him to tone it down a bit.

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