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  1. I hope that is true that the SLC will play a full twenty-two game full round robin beginning next year assuming there is no more conference alignment changes. Hopefully all of the conference will commit to not playing more than one less than D-1 opponents and with the minimum number of non-conference games everyone can make that happen.
  2. Both men and women will play twenty conference games this year. Cards will only play UNO and Southeastern La. once each. The conference will not be divided into divisions. For tie-breaking purposes the once only games will be important. Since it is difficult to get quality non-conference home games is it better to play more conference games and if so, why not play a full round robin of twenty-two games.
  3. Amazing what a little time can do. Up to three or maybe four years ago most were ready to run him off. He probably won't stay at Lamar for life but he is developing into an excellent head coach.
  4. Per the announcement from the school, his experience looks promising, but he hasn't stayed anywhere very long. Hopefully he will find the Beaumont area to his liking and stay awhile.
  5. I look forward to the competition, and I understand that travel costs should be considered when making such a move, especially for FCS and group of five schools, but it didn't seem to matter to those that are in the new power conferences. Does it make any sense for UCLA to travel to Rutgers or for Cal to travel to North Carolina. It doesn't without the big money payout from ESPN, but whether or not their fans can make the trip didn't seem to matter in the decision.
  6. See that Tate is also going to the trials on the men's side.
  7. Finding a quality replacement will be critical for the Cards. Maintaining the quality of the pitching staff is very important.
  8. Congratulations to all of the Lamar Track and Field team members for their performances this year ending with Tate and Howard finishing at the NCAA National Championships with top twenty performances and receiving All-American status. For the rest of the team, it was a very good year also.
  9. UTRGV adding football doesn't bring me any excitement, but they announced planning to do it as part of the WAC and the WAC needed the football add for conference purposes. The SLC doesn't, but as a member of the conference when they do start the conference will have to work them into schedule.
  10. I agree with you except everyone in the SLC needs to elevate their mid-week schedule. You may not be able get all of the better games that you might want because those schools have to be willing to schedule you and the better the competition the less likely they will come to Lamar. Especially if Lamar doesn't upgrade the Beck and provide visitor facilities to change in and to go to in the event of inclement weather.
  11. I won't deny that there is a benefit to playing more of the better teams from what are considered the stronger conferences, but why can't the NCAA come up with some formula that would at least somewhat offset the fourth, fifth and lower place conference teams from getting an at large bid. Say as the fifth-place team from a power conference your strength of schedule is reduced by a factor of some kind.
  12. Looks like that is what will happen this year. The question becomes what happens next year? I don't remember when RGV is supposed to start playing games. I can see nine conference games but not ten.
  13. I see Lamar has a twelve-game schedule this year, I know it is allowed at the FCS level every so often, but I don't remember how often. Looks like a solid schedule and one Lamar can be competitive in every game.
  14. I agree that it is a shame that the selection committee picks third and fourth place teams from the power conferences long before they consider a good team from a lower D1 conference, but that is the norm. Now the Cards need to repeat the feat and if possible, even strengthen the non-conference schedule.
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