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Updated Endowments - NACUBO Listing


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The 2012 vs 2013 listing was released today. (Saw post on the SBC board.)


Here's a link to the pdf file. http://www.nacubo.org/Documents/Endowment%20Files/2013NCSEEndowmentMarketValuesRevisedJan232014.pdf


Our endowment increased

2013 2012 Increase % Increase

Lamar University 31,300 28,364 2,936

Lamar University Foundation 59,666 48,571 11,095

90,966 76,935 14,031 18.24%

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I noticed that US News & World Reports shows our endowment as a little over $24 million and has for several years. I wonder if something could be done to get them to reflect the correct amount.


I suspect the service they use is only picking up the Lamar University endowment...leaving out the larger Lamar University Foundation endowment. I noticed something similar several years ago with my other university, Texas A&M. Their endowment amount was understated by around $4 billion then. It is correct now. I noticed A&M's is now reported as combined university and foundation; at least on the NACUBO report..wonder if LU could let the service USN&WR uses know of our two endowment funds. It is easy to miss if one is not looking for it.


USN&WR claims endowment doesn't impact ratings. I suspect it has an indirect impact though. There are factors around alumni and friends support of the university in the rating. A year-to-year growth in the reported endowment would be one indicator of that support.


At least having correct amounts in the report would increase its credibility.


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