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Harmony Signs Three JUCO Transfers

Big T

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After signing a class of five freshman who on paper looks like one of the better signing classes in LU history, Harmony follows that up by nabbing the 31st ranked JUCO player who will have three years left, a point guard who has "Jet speed," and a 2 guard that can hit the three. With the freshman class, she brought in some great size and length. With these three girls, she brings in experience to counter balance the youth and fill in the holes that the freshmen may not have been able to fill. Teleshia Riley is a 5'10 wing player who is ranked as the 31st JUCO player in the nation and is known for her lock down defense. Addesha Collins was described as being "jet fast" and a good distributer. To be honest, looking at her HS video, I was not blown away by her speed but that was two years ago. And last but not least is a two guard by the name of April Levy who I think will be to Lamar what Baylor was two years ago. A good but not great player who can hit the three.




Overall, on paper, these eight players look not only solid, but fantastic. Harmony has put together one hell of a class for nest year. And the bench is going to be way deeper next season. Don't be surprised if this team goes eleven or twelve deep next year.

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