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SFA to pay Brad Underwood almost $400K per year


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Great move...particularly if attendance increases. Below is a look at how the income from season tickets would work out for us assuming a direct correlation of coaching success vs season ticket sales. The estimated revenue is based on a rough average of $137 per (Season tickets for last season were $150 for the sides and $125 for the ends.)


Season Estimated

Tickets Receipts ($)

1,000 $137,000

2,000 274,000

3,000 411,000

4,000 548,000

5,000 685,000

6,000 822,000

7,000 959,000

8,000 1,096,000

9,000 1,233,000

10,000 1,370,000


If SFA maintains the same pricing as last season, their potential season ticket revenue would be less. Their season tickets went for $96.00 apiece. The top end potential would be less also since their arena seats 7,203 vs our 10,080.


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There are many interesting quotes by successful people when when you google luck and hard work together.The more money Lamar can raise the better the chance of being lucky.That requires smart hard work by the administration,Cardinal Club Members,fans and a supportive media like in many college towns .In Louisiana and Texas Southland conference schools have been dealing with reductions in state funding.This has increased the financial burden on students.At many conference schools students have understandably voted not to increase athletic fees as their tuition cost continues to trend higher.Thus athletic departments are continually fundraising to make ends meet and requiring teams to play guarantee games.We can all help increase Lamar's luck by participating in as many Lamar activities as possible by volunteering,bidding and donating to auctions at events,attending games and dinners and joining the Cardinal Club.Better funding doesn't guarantee success but the lack of money limits options and best chances for success bettering facilities,in hiring head coaches,assistant coaches etc. Get involved and help Lamar improve.Any help is appreciated.
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