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Incoming Freshman


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So think last year we got a little spoiled with the success of Kade Harrington as a true freshman...not expecting any of this years class match that level of performance but just to start some discussion here lets take a look at the incoming freshman and what might be expected of them...feel free to give your own perspective.


2014 True Freshman:


Seth Adams - DT: Personally believe the staff will attempt to redshirt Adams to beef up a little bit. To me I like to see all lineman (OL & DL) redshirt for that reason. That being said, with Joe Okafor moving back out to DE that leaves some depth questions at DT. Sophomore Omar Tebo played well as a freshman last season and incoming JC transfer Josh Frost are the 2 DT expected to get the majority of snaps. Corbin Carr was moved to DT on the spring roster and I'm assuming the 245 on the latest roster is incorrect. After these three, there is Adams but he may have to play if the injury big bites.


Seth Blendermann - OL: Again expect to see him redshirt but could see him playing sooner than any of the other incoming OL.


LaDamian Coney - CB: Complete wild-card here. So many unknowns in the secondary and more at CB than S to me, but I think he will come in and play a few snaps and provide a little depth but not anything of note this season.


Reid Entsminger - S: Another DB in a cloudy secondary. Like I said I think the Safety position is a little more clear with Xavier Bethany, Colby Campbell, and KJ getting the majority of the snaps there. Possible RS candidate here.


Martell Hawthorne - WR: Late sign out of Lake Charles who slipped through the cracks. Guy who may have a chip on his shoulder and look to make an impact. We have good depth at WR with Roberts, Begelton, Gladney, Handy, and Nelson but I can see Hawthorne coming in and using his big frame to get playing time. Looking for ~20 catches for around 250 yards and a couple of TDs.


Shawn Jones - ILB: Possible RS candidate but a guy who may be needed to provide depth at ILB. Kind of a mystery player at the moment because I believe he played more offense than defense in HS.


Reggie Long - OLB: Another late signee and possibly my favorite signing of the class and I think he could step in an play well for Lamar as a freshman and eventually be an All-SLC performer down the line. Right now starting OLB are Mike Hargis and Logan Moss and I see Long working into the rotation at one of these positions (not sure if the staff has him as a Sam or Will) and playing valuable snaps sooner rather than later.


Melbrodrick Matthews - LB: A guy who can probably play a little of both outside and inside at the linebacker position. See him as being above Jones inside but behind Long on the outside. Still another guy who may RS but could come in and play in a pinch.


Zach Roberts - DS: RS guy unless he beats out the JUCO DS we signed.


Tate Smith - TE: we have pretty good depth at TE for the amount that we use them. McVey is the clear #1 when he's healthy then former QB Dillion Barrett behind him. Smith is a project guy who I see as the most likely of all the freshman to RS.


Connor Ward - OL: Again OL with strong RS possibility. Played Tackle in HS but I see him as more of a Guard prospect at Lamar


Chase Woods - OL: RS candidate on the OL. Played Guard in HS and should stay there for Lamar

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You are right about the depth at OL for Lamar at this point...ideally you would like every freshman lineman to redshirt to get ready for college completion unless they are just special talents...that being said reality is OL is not the safest position on the field...there is contact on every play and you need plenty of bodies because someone is going to miss time...just the nature of the position. My analysis kind of mixed my expectation vs my hopes for the year and I probably should have picked one or the other. The depth scares me every time I look at the roster...top of the depth chart looks good to me currently with Shead-Wempa-McCormack-Treadway-Brock but Mayer is backing up both Tackle spots, Craven backing up both Guard spots and Greif at Center. I just don't see Alfonso or Rising playing meaningful snaps if they are truly the size they are listed. So, with only 13 lineman on the roster that leaves 11 after those 2. Of those 11, 3 are true freshman. That leaves 8, which are the 8 on the 2 deep...kind of magnifies the loss of Hunter Conn just from a depth perspective. I really hope Woodard can snag a FBS transfer this summer or get a JUCO guy for depth at the worst...I think he's learned his lesson as you haven't seen any "2nd chance" transfers the last 2 seasons like Anthony Oden in 2011 and Hershel Sims in 2012.
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