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A couple of weeks old, but I noticed it this morning. Vincent-Beck comes in at 118 out of 211. The Vincent-Beck stadium review, dated May 13, 2013, sounds pretty fair to me. The list is not complete. Based on the comments, the reviewers still have about 80 stadiums to visit. It looks like several of the SLC stadiums are in the group of 80.


I don't put to much in the weight in the pecking order list since it is based on multiple reviewers with varying insights. The list is good to provide an easy way to see "what the Jones's have" since there are several photographs for each stadium. Also, it is nice to see things from an outsider's perspective. Besides, it gives some reading material while waiting for the next season. Comparing some just based on reviews and pictures, I might put things in a different order, but I've only actually been to a few collegiate stadiums.


Here's the link.




Here's how the other conference members whose stadium has been visited placed.


#24 - Southeastern Louisiana - Pat Kennelly Diamond at Alumni Field

#61 - Central Arkansas - Bear Stadium

#94 - Nicholls State - Ray E. Didier Field

#118 - Lamar University - Vincent-Beck Stadium

#129 - Houston Baptist - Husky Field

#139 - Sam Houston State - Don Sanders Stadium

#196 - Stephen F Austin - Jaycees Field


One good news thing is when I first found the StadiumJourney site a few years ago, there were relatively few mid-level and lower facilities in the list. Those gaps are being filled in. I'm appreciative of the folks that take the tiime to travel around providing a different perspective. I may not always agree with the perspective once I make it to the sites, but I respect another's opinion as long as it is supported.

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