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It's Shark Week... and Hey guy is upset......


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Hey team. First off I want to say that Shark Week is new for me. I've never really cared. I do like sharks. Don't get me wrong, but gang.... now I'm engaged to a lady who LOVES sharks and shark week.

First episode last night had me hooked. Right off the bat these chums were getting in a one man cage called the WASP and walking on the floor of the ocean with these massive animals. BAM. Loving shark week.


Second episode was all about Submarine the shark. And let me tell you something team, I was ALL IN. Halfway through the episode though... HOLD YOUR HORSES. It's fake. The entire story. The boat sinking, the shark attacks. It never happened. Discovery channel needs to be taught a lesson guy. This should be educational. This isn't The Bachelor, or I'm a celebrity get me out of here. This is sharks. I don't need something that's worse than General Hospital, or Young and the Restless.


Gang, my fiance is heartbroken. We've been duped. Shark week let us down so far. Thoughts? I'll hang up and listen.

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I enjoy shark week and disagree. I don't think it needs to be all educational, there needs to be a good mixture of education and fun fiction involved to keep people interested. The pop culture surrounding sharks is just as important as the non fictional education part of it. That's my three cents.
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Hey guy, let's get something straight here. I'm all for fiction, believe me chief. But gang, what I'm upset about is this. Don't try to tell me it's real. Don't sell me poop and tell me it's a big bag of skittles. Team, we need to realize that a majority of our population is a little gullible. No. VERY gullible. These people are now thinking all of this crap Discovery is selling is real. They should know that it's fake. Like the sharknado, guy.
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