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Saturday Night didnt help to sway my OPINION


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The Good:


-Around a 6 minute stretch of the 3rd quarter the offense looked sharp. Berry spread it around and threw some deep beautiful passes on the money and we scored quickly and often. During that same stretch the defense forced some turnovers and made some good plays. For that 6 minutes we looked like a decent football team.


- A couple of the defensive players made some plays. Theres something to build on heading into the season.


- Students showed up even with the threat of bad weather. Nice work young people.


The Bad:


- Pretty much everything else. Caleb Berry threw for a school record but he also had a fumble and 2 INT's. You cannot be a winning football team turning the ball over that many times versus teams in the SLC and it starts with the QB. He has to not make silly mistakes.


- Our offensive gameplan in the first half just plain sucked. Theres no sugar coating that. Dont give me Grambling was better because they'll end up horrible like they always are yet we could do squat versus their D the entire first half. Watch them get boat raced by UH next week and see what I mean. WE ONLY LED GRAMBLING STATE 14-13 AT THE HALF....let that sink in for a moment.


- We have no quality backup running back to Kade Harrington. Carl Harris is the same type back at Harrington not the banger we need to make tough runs between the tackles.. He also needs to learn to hold on to the football or he wont be seeing the field much anyway. Harrington left injured and it looked like his knee was the problem.


- We are thin at the DL position. Just hope moss is not seriously injured but it didnt look good from what I saw.



The Ugly:


- The Special Teams were terrible. You name it and we werent good at it. They can only move up from what I saw because it was pathetic.


- The stadium experience. Goes back to no vision.....the sound system wasnt loud enough as I could barely hear the announcer. That was never a problem the opening season but since it seems to always be an issue. TURN UP THE VOLUME. The menu at the concession stands lacked some of the quality items they carried last year (pizza is one big example) and the stuff they had was too highly priced. I got nachos at halftime and they didnt have any jalapenos left at the condiment stand and that pissed me off royally. Then I went down for a water with 10 minutes left in the game and all the concessions stands on the visitors side of the stadium were closed. every single one of them. How does that happen??? Talk about embarrassing. They also still dont have a credit/debit card option to pay at the stands. How can you be in 2014 and not have this option at at least one of them?? Time to step it up leadership/Beaumont.


- Our freaking uniforms. They were terrible last year, specifically the pants, and they brought them back this year. Go back to what they had year one and put the damn names on the jerseys and be done with it. Black streaks down the hamstrings does nothing for anyone. Who's in charge of marketing???


- The crowd. For a home opener it was eye opening terrible. So many empty seats on the home side and the folks that were there sat on their hands. I was on the visitors side and the Grambling fans were way more rowdy than our fans. Im not including the students that showed up. They did a good job and had a good turnout....im talking the regulars. Please dont use the weather as an excuse because there were high school games Friday night with worse conditions that had bigger more vocal crowds. Hell it didnt even rain last night, it was really nice.



6-6 or 7-5 at best if this is what we bring every week.

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