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Are you a current student at Lamar?


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Me. I graduate in the spring after five long and fun years.


first congrats. I graduated in 2000 with a HR degree.


Second, like the post above mentions, how can he get the word out better about the site among current students? I'm surprised all the time about how many don't even know we exist. Throw me a bone here BigT.

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No, the flyer must be vetted by the higher powers that be before they can be hung. We actually have a booth that we set up outside the Set. This week we did not have it as it was taken over for voter registration. There are students and student organizations who participate in helping try and get people to the games. The main issue is that there are a lot of casual Lamar students who go to the games but they know nothing about Lamar sports or the teams they are watching. They just aren't interested in actually participating in Lamar sports and the students who are already do. Like I have said before, our group has grown over the last two years. We started at around thirty and now we regularly get 60+ students to join us. So, student participation is on the rise just not as fast as we would like.
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