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Texas A&M vs Longhorn Football


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Is it official?? Are the Longhorns now playing second fiddle between the two programs? All loyalties aside....what is your take??


I'll tell ya mine... The Aggie's move to the SEC, timed with the arrival of Johnny Football and Coach Sumlin created a perfect storm and it's been a knife to the spine of the Longhorns and their recruiting.


What are the long term effects?? I seriously believe the tides have turned.


I'm talking recruiting, fan base, revenue, media, team success, national attention the whole nine yards. It's only been 3 years. What happens if the Aggies keeps it up for another 5 years or so??? Where will everyone be when the dust settles??


Not only that...but in all honesty...in the last 3 years could the Longhorns have even stayed on the field with the Aggies?? Could they do it this year?? Do you think they'll be able to in the next anytime in the next 5 years??


I'm not talking the past here...obviously everyone knows what the lifetime records are...I'm talking from the moment the Aggies left to join the SEC into the present and near future.


Somethings going on and i'm afraid it doesn't look good at the moment for the Longhorns.

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