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November 1 - Alumni Tailgate for Homecoming


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I know we are all concentrating on this Saturday's game, but thought I'd post this for alumni who are not on the monthly alumni affairs newsletter mailing list yet since advance registration is required for the Alumni Tailgate.


List of Homecoming activities (including some info on the tailgate)




Link to Alumni Tailgate registration. You can't go wrong with Gumbo, Chili, Frito Pies, and two beverages for $7.00. :)





Alumni monthly newsletter


I recommend for all alumni to sign up for the Alumni Affairs email. It's low key. There's no request for money. It's very informative.


Here's the link to start receiving the monthly emails.



Here's a link to previous newsletters to get an idea of what they contain.



Also, if they are still offering it, here's a way to get an Alumni decal for your automobile from the February, 2014 newsletter. (If you see a vehicle in west Houston with a Lamar Alumni decal on back, it might be me.) :)


...Show your "Cardinal Pride" and help us promote LU name recognition

to prospective students where ever you live by displaying a Lamar University Alumni

decal on your vehicle. To get a free decal, email Alumni@Lamar.edu or call the

Alumni office at 409-880-8921..



Show your

"Cardinal Pride"

and help us promote LU name recognition to prospective students wherever you live by displaying a

Lamar University Alumni car decal on your vehicle. To get your FREE decal, email

or call the Alumni Office

at 409-880-8921.

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