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Sam Houston Med School In the Works


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This is the kinda thing I would love to see at Lamar. We have talked about in the past on the board. Law School, Vet School, Med School. Just something bigger that where we are at now.


It's not a done deal by any means, but our school administrators feel very confident about it succeeding. A lot of our moves have to do with positioning. We know we can't out compete TAMU or other schools in the area in engineering and business but we know we can create our own unique niche. Our new focus as a whole will focus on dominating medicine and criminal justice in Montgomery County hence, the new programs in doctor of medicine, physician assistants, nurse practitioner, Doctor of Physical Therapy and BSN in nursing.



You guys down at LU just need to look at what you guys are great in (engineering, nursing, etc.) and build from there. Once again, you guys have a lot of things going for you guys down in Beaumont. It just takes one transformative leader with a bold vision to take your school to the next level. We were beyond fortunate to have 2 back-to-back.

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LU would be served well to follow the foot print of TSTC out of Waco as far as the instrument and electrical design / PLC/DCS programming. . One of the top 2 year degrees in its field. .. this would highly compliment the engineering department at Lamar. .. as it stands there are 2 separate degrees. ... instrumentation tech and drafting. .. neither of which are sufficient in and if itself in the engineering/design field. ...we hire more from Waco Which is sad considering what possibilities are at the finger tips of LU right here at home.
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