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Softball Schedule Released

Big T

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When will the field be ready?...been at Ford Park the last few Sunday's for Fall Ball and noticed the benches where painted blue again and all LU signs and such were gone...I know they've broken ground on the new field but they haven't done anything else...March will be here soon plus where are they going to practice before it's ready?
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There is a make shift diamond next to the baseball batting cages by the driving range where they have been practicing. The constriction should start i the next couple of days. I think the SLC soccer tournament has to run its course before they start.
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The stadium is supposed to be ready by the home opener with HBU on March 6.


Based on last year's RPI, there are some pretty good programs on the schedule so far (Longhorn Invitational Tournament is still TBA). Just for comparison, below are the teams that finished with better than a 150 RPI last year.


Texas A&M - 22

Mississippi State - 36

McNeese State - 46

Houston - 47

Florida International - 51 - neutral field

Illinois - 65 - neutral field

Texas State - 110

UTSA - 120 - at Lamar

Eastern Kentucky - 132 - neutral field

Northwestern State - 133 - at Lamar


Looks like we may miss out on Sam Houston State and Stephen F. Austin this season unless we meet in the SLC Tournament or the Longhorn Invitational.


The remainder have RPI's similar to those of the rest of the SLC.

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