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[Women's Hoops] What's going on with the Lady Cardinals?


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Question for those who are knowledgeable about the women's basketball program.


The Lady Cardinals have started the season off at 0-4 and were pounded by UTSA in the Montagne last night 72-40. Do we have some player injuries/other issues or do you think it is a "what you see, is what you will get" for the remainder of the season?


Opponents so far are as follows:


ULL - 3-0 (Lamar, Xavier (LA), and Louisiana Tech)

Tulsa - 1-2 (losses against Northern Illinois and Oral Roberts)

Oklahoma - 3-0 (Washington, Lamar, and Bradley),

UTSA - 2-1 (loss to #9 Texas, wins against Abilene Christian and Lamar)


At this point, are we where we expected to be before the start of the season? I thought we were expecting a pretty good season. The UTSA result is most concerning to me, but maybe it's too early to get concerned.


One thing I noticed from last's night's stats was that Dominique Edwards' production was way off from the earlier games. It looks like she might have gotten herself into foul trouble last night. Is that the explanation? It also looks like the team was ice cold shooting last night with a freezing 28.9% for the game. Was it a bad match up?


Looked like UTSA finished the game going away with their largest lead of the game at the end of the game.

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It's really simple. Jemisha Edwards left the team due to painful shins. Without Jemisha on the team you have no experience at the guard positions. O'Dell is doing her best and is doing pretty well at times. Second, Dom can't stay out of foul trouble. Third without Jemisha, all of the scoring is on Dom and O'Dell. No one else has the ability to score the ball. It's frustrating to watch right now. They aren't passing the ball, they aren't holding onto the ball, and they aren't scoring the ball. Right now the offense is horrible. The freshmen have talent but they need to learn to play D1 ball and the game is just way to fast for them. It's not pretty to watch. But this is what you get when you recruit younger players. This team was really beat up during preseason and many of the players did not have an opportunity to play together until a few days before the season started. I honestly don't know if they are going to be able to put it together this year but i'm not writing them off right now. The freshman need to do a lot of growing up very quickly though.
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