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[Lamar Softball] December 4th Article from the Examiner...


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Saw this article mentioned on the Lamar U Softball twitter site.


from theexaminer.com


In March 2015, the Lamar Softball program will get something it has never had before – a brand new on-campus softball facility to call home. The team, which returned in 2013 after a 25-year absence, has played all of its home games at Ford Fields, located six miles away on the outskirts of Beaumont.


Read more here: http://theexaminer.com/stories/sports/after-two-years-ford-fields-lamar-softball-team-play-campus?page=2




Note: The article mentioned 500 seats. The ground breaking press release from lamarcardinals.com mentioned 650 seats initially. Looks like there may be some discrepancy as to how many seats the stadium will actually have as part of phase I.


from the Examiner article:

The new $1.6 million state-of-the-art facility will have nearly 500 covered seats, three bullpens and an all-natural grass outfield, according to a press release from the athletic department.


from lamarcardinals.com article:

Lamar University broke ground today for a new softball stadium on campus that will be ready for the upcoming season. The stadium, designed by BRW Architecture, will feature seating for 650 fans. Future plans call for an outfield grass berm that would accommodate an additional 250 spectators. The natural-grass facility will have field lighting, bullpens, dugouts, an enclosed hitting area, an electronic scoreboard and a press box.




The way I see it is whether it's "...nearly 500 seats..." or "...seating for 650 fans...", it will be nice having an on-campus stadium. The distinction may be covered and uncovered seats, but it doesn't look like many of the seats will actually be covered according to the BRW Architecture drawings Coachacola provided a link to several months ago.

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