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Lamar's combined endowment is up to $101,049,000 per 2014 NACUBO Report


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The most recent NACUBO Endowment study was released on January 29, 2015. Lamar's endowment market value increased from $90,966,000 to $101,049,000.


When reviewing the reports, remember that Lamar has two endowments; one titled "Lamar University" and the other titled "Lamar University Foundation, Inc.".


Below is the breakdown of the two endowments.


[TABLE=width: 500]



[TD]Report Line No.[/TD]

[TD]2014 Reporting Year ($)[/TD]

[TD]2013 Reporting Year ($)[/TD]

[TD]Percentage Change[/TD]



[TD]Lamar University[/TD]







[TD]Lamar University Foundation, Inc.[/TD]







[TD]Combined Total[/TD]








Link to NACUBO report: http://www.nacubo.org/Documents/EndowmentFiles/2014_Endowment_Market_Values_Revised.pdf

Link to main NACUBO endowment study site: http://www.nacubo.org/Research/NACUBO-Commonfund_Study_of_Endowments/Public_NCSE_Tables.html



As a side note, I don't know why the Lamar endowments are reported separately. Several university's endowments are reported as one number which is a lot less confusing to the casual viewer. While I like the granularity of reporting the two separately, I think it leads to unintentional errors in reporting by some of the services. For example, USNRW shows Lamar's endowment at $27,556,171 which is close to the Lamar University endowment but is not even close to the actual number.


Here are some universities with multiple endowment funds reported as a combined amount. (The granularity is found in another NACUBO report.)


Texas A&M University - (A&M used to report separately and USNWR missed the real number by many billions of $'s before A&M started combining.)

University of Minnesota

University of Illinois

Indiana University

Appalachian State University

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

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