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2015 Crawfish Bowl


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Game will be held at 7 PM at Provost Umphrey Stadium


Free to the public with the first 500 getting free T-Shirts.


Tailgating in Lot A2 (lot in front of the Dauphin Athletic Complex) from 3 PM - 7 PM


Crawfish catered by Courville's served at the Vernon Glass Field of Champions 4 PM - 6 PM while supplies last. $10 per tray.


Draft took place Wednesday with the top 10 picks aired live.


Top 10 Picks


1 - Seth Ellis

2 - Larance Hale

3 - Omar Tebo

4 - Ronnie Jones

5 - Cameron Hampton

6 - Xavier Bethany

7 - Reggie Begelton

8 - Joe Minden

9 - Brendan Langley

10 - Logan Moss


OL will play for both teams due to lack of depth.


Things that stuck out to me:

1.) Larance Hale being drafted #2

2.) Mike Handy was listed as #2 RB on the board behind Coach Woodard. No Carl Harris?

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QB - Joe Minden

QB - Steadman Bell


RB - Kade Harrington

RB - Carl Harris

RB - Darrius Nelms


WR - Jace Nelson

WR - Gee Gladney

WR - Martell Hawthorne

WR - Jared Gieseke


TE - Tate Smith


DE - Larance Hale

DE - David Hollyfield


NT - Josh Frost

NT - Marcus Abbott


SAM - Mike Hargis

MLB - Ronnie Jones

MLB - Shawn Jones

WILL - Logan Moss

LB - Tyrek Alexander

LB - Matt Johnson


CB - Michael Sheridian

CB - Lloyd Julian


SS - Xavier Bethany

FS - DeQuan Stewart

S - LaDamian Coney

S - Landon Sarria

S - Matt Tillett


K - Alex Ball

K - Josh Davis

DS - Brent Nicholson


HC - Bret Ramsey



QB - Carson Earp


RB - Mike Handy

RB - Emmitt Raliegh

RB - Jair Williams

RB - Cody Dupuy


WR - Reggie Begelton

WR - Brendan Langley

WR - Devonn Brown

WR - Caleb Hobbs


TE - Brannon Beaton


DE - Koby Couron

DE - Corbin Carr

DE - Kade Burman


NT - Omar Tebo

NT - Seth Adams


SAM - Cameron Hampton

MLB - Reggie Long

MLB - Eddie McGill

WILL - Zach Johnson

LB - Kevin Gunnels


CB - Seth Ellis

CB - Tommie Barrett


SS - Ty Johnson

SS - Reid Entsminger

FS - Treston Ridge

FS - Judge Wolfe

S - William McVey


K - Juan Carranco

DS - Zach Roberts


HC - Ben Beasley



Justin Brock

Matt Oubre

Kevin Greif

Blake Rising

Richard Alfonso

John Craven

Connor Ward

Blaine Myers

Barrett Myers



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Glad to see Justin Brock in there...for now at least. Bret Treadway is out having had surgery the other day. Chase Woods and Seth Blendemann are noticeable OL not listed...not sure if they are just injured or something more.


Dominique Wheeler and Tylond Robertson are a couple other notable names I see missing.

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Last minute family function led me out of town this weekend. David Berry of the Beaumont Enterprise usually covers the scrimmages but I've noticed he's covering the HS basketball playoffs tonight. Hopefully someone from her can make it or the Lamar Twitter account will post some good updates...I'll try to post them here when I see em
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