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Potential Basketball Transfer?


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Word on the street is former Nederland star forward Colton Weisbrod has been given his release from New Orleans and looking to transfer. I heard from someone very close to the situation that had Lamar offered he wasn't going anywhere else...but Pat Knight let him go. Now if he wanted to transfer to Lamar he would have to sit out 2 years vs the normal 1 year due to UNO and LU being in the same conference...however Lamar State College-Port Arthur is a very possible landing spot for 1 year then transfer out and be eligible immediately.


Colton averaged 7 points and 3 rebounds a game and shot 52.4% from the field this season as a true freshman

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NCAA transfer waivers are all uncertain even when circumstances seem similar.NCAA reps will one day say no precedents apply then cite a precedent to make a point.Shawn Long the all everything post at ULL went to Mississippi State for one semester then got released by the Bulldogs and was made immediately eligible for the Cajuns by NCAA waiver.I did hear hardship waivers for compelling family reasons are tougher to get.I just wonder how the conference and NCAA handled the complete team the new Central Ark coach released last year and if the kids were quickly assisted or hindered in the transfer waiver process.Hopefully the ridiculous two year sit out Southland rule was waived for all those bears especially Juniors who were NCAA eligible anywhere for their Senior year as the Bears were on APR probation.
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