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[SLC] - 2014-15 Commissioner's Cup - We're number 2. We try harder.


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To shamelessly steal a line from one of the rental car companies, "We're #2. We try harder!"


Lamar finished 2nd overall in the 2014-15 SLC Commissioner's cup. To round out #2, the Cards finished second in men's sports and 2nd in women's sports.


Stephen F. Austin won the cup with 177.5 overall points vs Lamar's 157 points. In men's sports, # 2 Lamar had 75 points and was edged out by Sam Houston State which ended up with 78.5 points. In women's sports, Stephen F. Austin finished with 105.5 points vs #2 Lamar's 82 points.


To me #2 is pretty good considering the disappointing showing in baseball, volleyball, women's tennis, and soccer this year. Looking forward to improvement in all sports. Below is a link to the conference standings.




Link to SLC article: http://www.southland.org/news/2015/5/17/GEN_0517155300.aspx?path=general

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