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[SLC] 2015 Southland Conference Spring Meeting


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The 2015 Southland Conference Spring concluded yesterday. There is not a whole lot of detail in the release, but below are some things that may be of interest.


2016-17 Championship Locations


* Volleyball - Central Arkansas

* Softball - Central Arkansas

* Tennis - Lamar

* Soccer - Texas A&M-Corpus Christi

* Cross Country - Stephen F. Austin

* Indoor T&F - Birmingham, AL

* Basketball - Katy

* Outdoor T&F - New Orleans


F. L. McDonald Post-Graduate Scholarship

(Qualification and selection criteria was redefined)


This year's recipients included:


* Men's basketball - Paxson Guest, Northwestern State

* Volleyball - Megan Schwarz, Lamar

* Women's basketball - Devyn Weymouth, Houston Baptist


Approval of 2017 and 2018 Baseball Schedules (not listed)

Basketball schedules are still under review.


SLC National Structure representative


Several positions were listed including Will Hibbs, a Lamar student-athlete on the baseball team, who will be a member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.


Here's a link to the release for more information: http://www.southland.org/news/2015/5/20/GEN_0520152327.aspx

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