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LU Teams Look To Beat The Heat


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BEAUMONT, Texas – It's important for Lamar University's student-athletes to remain hydrated at all times. It will be even more important in the coming days as LU's fall sports teams conduct practices on days when the temperature is expected to surpass 100 degrees.


"We make sure that the student-athletes have plenty of water at all times," said Josh Yonker, LU's head athletic trainer. "The coaches provide plenty of water breaks during practice sessions."




Good article on the challenges and importance of staying hydrated during the dog days of summer


.I remember my 7th grade year of football where our water supply came from a 5' piece of PVC pipe connected to a tree and had 5 holes drilled in it, capped on one end and a water hose connected to the other end. The water hose extended 400 yards or so baking under the sun. Many times I would go without water simply cause I didn't want to burn my mouth lol. The following August Minnesota Vikings OL Korey Stringer died or heat stroke and there was an obvious change in our water break habits...and the school building an on-campus stadium in the place of our old practice field let us do away with the PVC pipe on the tree

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