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8 Players Named To CSM Preseason All-SLC


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1st Team

WR - Reggie Begelton


2nd Team

OL - Bret Treadway

DL - Omar Tebo

LB - Ronnie Jones Jr.

DB - Xavier Bethany


3rd Team

RB - Kade Harrington

WR - Devonn Brown

OL - Justin Brock


Really think Kade is gonna have a good year...hasn't gotten much pub coming into the year.


They called Brown "one of the league's top return specialist." Really couldn't be farther from the truth. There was a lot of discussion on here last year about this...but a 17.3 yard per return on kickoffs is not good. Overall as a team we averaged 17.6 y/r...good for 10th out of 11 schools in the SLC. If Brown is still returning kicks this year hopefully he's more decisive and doesn't tip toe as he did at times last year...but the blocking has GOT to improve.

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I hope there is vast improvement from last year. Like I said the blocking has to to improve...if that happens I have no doubt that Brown's numbers will be better. The main issue I had last season was watching him tip toe out of the endzone knowing that the blocking was subpar and he'd end up short of the 20 when taking a knee would result in starting at the 25. If he would have been more decisive, results would have been better...how much idk but better none the less.
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