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Hello all. My name is Danny Shapiro and I'm the new Beaumont Enterprise beat writer for Lamar football. I'm 22, a recent graduate from Arizona State University and moved to Beaumont in July. I'll be the one who's at every practice and every game, including road ones, for Lamar football. I'll also be doing Lamar basketball (men and women's), baseball and softball too. I'd love to get to know the Lamar fans and get feedback about the content I've put out thus far and and interact with you all about the happenings within the program. Story ideas, of course, are always appreciated and I'm going to post my contact info at the bottom of this post in case anyone has comments/questions/concerns for me. Thanks and looking forward to this season and getting to know some more people around the program!


Phone: (602)-577-1472

Email: DShapiro@BeaumontEnterprise.com

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I echo the welcome Danny. From the time you've been here I think you've done a great job of covering Lamar athletics. I look forward to reading your material and seeing and possibly meeting you at some of the games. I hope you are a regular with us on here at the site as well. If you'd like I can post some of your stories on our homepage linking the enterprise or LU blog in the future as well. We're for anything that gives Lamar coverage here locally.


Thanks again,



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