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Southeastern Adds FBS Transfer


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Normally wouldn't post this because that program has been taking a lot of transfers of late but found this one interesting. Jonathan Taylor originally signed with Georgia in 2012...he was kicked out of school after the 2013 season for a Domestic Violence charge...went to JUCO for 1 year then signed with Alabama. There he was kicked out again for another Domestic Violence charge. He won't be eligible this season and will play his final year next season...if he doesn't haul off and hit pop someone again...




Can add McNeese as third chance programs as they signed Isaiah Golden this past Feburary after he was suspended at A&M when he was busted with drugs only to be kicked out a few month later when he pistol whipped a guy in a drug deal turned robbery...

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sela seems to be the landing spot for a ton of fbs transfers.dont know wether it will be a good thing or a bad thing for there program.all I know is it didn't work out to good for us a few years ago.i like the direction lamar has taken last few years with mainly bringing hs and juco players in and sprinkling in a few fbs transfers.
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It is one thing to take a FBS transfer because he was riding the pine, quite another to accept the thugs who get kicked out of school because of criminal offenses. The guys are typically "stars in their own eyes" and bomb out because they either screw up again or they PO everyone on the team and the coach because they are too arrogant to do the thing required to win, like go to class, attend pratices on time, etc. It is normally a great waste of god given talent.


Anyone remember "Cecil the Diesel?" (Kicked out at LSU, Kicked out at Mcneese, then Kicked out of the NFL) The last time I heard anything about him, he was at Florida State (Prison.) I am not sure if they have a prison football team.:rolleyes:

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