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lack of locals on baseball roster

lu cards

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only 3 setx kids or 4 if you count buna.never have seen that few before.tells you how far this program has fallen.heard the new coach is going to change that very quickly.hope that is true.lamars baseballs best year are when we have a bunch of locals on the roster.


I think there are probably several reasons for that but the biggest is definitely Gilligan. That's one of the biggest complaints I've had with him over the years. I'm looking forward to this new young blood. Will be interesting. I would have thought we could have gotten someone with a better resume (experience coaching) but I'm sure he'll bring a lot of enthusiasm and hopefully he will get the best kids from our area to stay close to home and get the program back where it should be.

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The lack of locals on the baseball roster is mostly do to Gilligan. I know there are some local coaches in the SETX area both high school and select coaches that would push other school besides Lamar because of their relationship with him. Hopefully Davis can start drawing the local talent back in and start mending those relationships to help recruiting and keep the local boys local.
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