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Massey Rating Projections


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Massey Ratings (one of the ~25 ratings as part of the Massey Composite) projects scores for each game. For those that done know basically they run a simulator a certain number of times. The scores posted for each team is the average score of what they get per game in the simulator. The (%) reflects the percentage of games that Lamar won in the simulator. The simulations are updated weekly so I will keep this up to date to see how accurate it is. It’s a site I look at frequently but I’ve never tested the projections to see how accurate it can be.


Here are the projections prior to week 1:


Bethel 17 - Lamar 51 (99%)

MS Valley 7 - Lamar 45 (99%)

Lamar 7 - Texas A&M 48 (0%)

Lamar 28 - SELU 27 ((52%)

SFA 17 - Lamar 31 (81%)

ACU 24 - Lamar 28 (61%)

Lamar 28 - SHSU 30 (48%)

Lamar 31 - IWU 34 (42%)

UCA 28 - Lamar 31 (56%)

Lamar 35 - NWSt 31 (61%)

Lamar 41 - HBU 24 (85%)

McNeese 20 - Lamar 27 (68%)


Based on this they have Lamar finishing with a 9-3 record but based off the percentages there are several games that they project to be virtual toss ups.

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