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The Best "since we brought back football" Team

puddin tane

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going off the top of my head, don't feel like walking all the way across the house to get my stack of programs and rosters


gotta have finished playing


gimme some names



5 OL Gillam, Treadway, oubre, bowery, Brock?,

4 wr (or 3 and TE) Begelton, Roberts, hayes? mcVey

1 qb Berry

1 rb Harrington


4 DL Dickson, okafor? Murrill?

3 LB brain freeze---weve had some good LBs.

2 db Rodney Randle, Langley (I think he was over rated..but stuck for another name)

2 Safeties Xavier Bethany, Lane Taylor (for now)


gotta put Case Robinson somewhere...he'd a played anywhere


I know ive left off some obvious…

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