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Football Roster has been updated


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Lots of new names and position changes.......


Yep, lots of movement. Kids on last years roster with eligibility left who are not on the roster, kids who signed earlier this year who are not on the roster and new names that did not sign. One name I do not see, who I think was a preferred walk on announcement in the spring, Jaxson Richards from Arizona, is not on the roster. Too much for me to follow all the way through. I guess the roster turnover reflects the coaching change. Always a fruit basket turnover when you have a coaching change at LU.

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Jaxon Richards is on the roster. His jersey number is 59.


From the 2019 roster I counted 18 seniors that ran out of eligibility and about 20 or so underclassmen that still had eligibility that decided to not return.


Thanks, I just flat overlooked him when I reviewed it. Glad he is here. I am thinking this young man has a big upside.


I wonder of the 20 underclassmen with eligibility remaining, where there any losses of key players that will have a major impact? I know that Mason Sikes left back in April for Boise State.


On another note, I am seeing it widely reported that the lower division conferences (FCS and Group of 5) are cancelling because of the costs associated with COVID protocol testing and bubble security. Just not enough revenue to absorb those costs. It's a real shame what we are going through.

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The major losses I see are TE Mason Sikes, LB David Crosley, DT Hunter Adams, DE Cameron Houston.


Also, four offensive lineman, Chase Bridgeman, Ted Melson, Jessie Brewster, and Julio Cuello.


Jermaine Givens is now listed as a WR.


I think we lost a DB or two, although not sure they were impact guys. I always hate to lose OL guys, you can never have enough. And LU has mostly been less than stellar on the DL since bringing football back, so we need all the help we can get there.

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