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Fred Davis 610 Debut This Weekend


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Good Saturday Morning Cardinal Nation, Fred Davis here, and I want to cordially invite all of you to check out 610 this weekend as I make my debut on the Big Boy Station...! I will be co-hosting tonight from 7-11pm with Dan Matthews, a weekday reporter and anchor for 610 Sports, who's very well-versed in all things Houston sports.


On Sunday I'll take my spot in the host's seat from 3-730 pm alongside Nate Griffin, whom some of you may remember from his days anchoring sports on the weekend on Channel 12 back in the day. He now covers sports in Houston and does radio work for Rice Football.


I want to thank everybody who supported Sports Talk with Fred Davis, and I want to give a shout out to Boomer for spending time on the show with us and a Big Shout-Out to my boy Mitch Hardt, who rode with me for nine months and helped make the show what it was. And of course, Big Props to Mike Melancon for being a good dude and huge supporter of the show. I'm still in Beaumont working for The Examiner during the week and helping out Mike when I can, not to mention I've got a nice one-on-one story with Coach Woodard that'll be on the site in the next couple of days.


Thanks again to everyone for your support. Go Cardinals and keep it on BigRedInsider.Com.

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Guest bigred360
Congratulations on your new gig at 610 in Houston. Have enjoyed your Friday night shows and hope you don't forget about us and Lamar when you move on to even better things. You are definitely talented!
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