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Give some props to BR360


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I feel the need to make this post because I am sure most of you don't check out the Supporting Members thread, but follow the link and read what BR 360 wrote. His contribution doesn't just benefit the message board itself, it will benefit every member and viewer of BRI!


Thanks again BR360, you even motivated me to give a little. You're a great Cardinal!



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Guest CardAmbassador

I was waiting for Mike to chime in first, but I would have to concur with West. Dale (I feel like it's ok if I use your name) is a good guy, by talking to him earlier this year I know he's a life long Cardinal fan.


Hopefully our football team will improve this year and and basketball will continue to do great, if it does, the discussions will only get better.


Thanks to everyone who helps out around here. I not being in the area anymore can't go to practices, so I really appreciate it when anyone, Mike, Dale or members, go to practices or games and give updates.

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Figured I'd paste this in both threads.


I echo the sentiment.


With donations come improvements to the site, whether its software, advertisement, merchandise or content. With these improvements come more members which equals better conversations and makes the site more fun to visit. I think we're well on our way to the site becomming what me and the original members hoped and envisioned it would become, and it will continue to try and help with the popularity of Lamar University.


No member over our first couple years online has been more generous with his donations than Dale (BR360). Last year he gave a very nice donation which mostly went towards an advertising package with Lamar during football season. The ad package didn't end up being exactly what I wanted but we were advertised during football games last year. Besides the monetary donation he also helps by moderating these forums for spam and also promotes the forums by starting and posting on threads regularly. He's a solid member that cares deeply about Lamar University that I can't say enough good things about.


Thanks Dale, and to everyone else that frequents this site, it's much appreciated!

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Guest bigred360
Thanks Mike, as I enjoyed the lunch and conversation. I'm about to try to fix that password problem now. Also, thanks so much for making this site possible for all of our benefit!
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