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Former LU DC Roger Hinshaw gets new job


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Hinshaw is helping start the football program of the SLC's newest member, Houston Baptist.


He was our best coordinator to date. Sure hope HBU isn't better than us, that would be very embarrassing.

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Here's a link to the article that ran in the Chronicle today.


Didn't realize he was commuting from Houston to Beaumont while coaching for the Cards.


Link: http://www.chron.com/sports/college/article/HBU-adds-longtime-Hatfield-assistant-to-football-3524579.php


That tells me he wasn't too confident in his job security, IMO. If he knew he was going to be coaching at Lamar for a while, why not move to Beaumont?


Either way, smart pickup for the Huskies. He knows the SLC a little bit now, and can help get them going early on.

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Who knows.


Might have been a family thing. Our company had numerous employees commute from New Orleans to Houston following Katrina. They would work in Houston during the week and drive home for the weekend ... every weekend. This went on at least a couple of years after the New Orleans operations were absorbed by the Houston offices. There were several reasons, but some were family still in New Orleans area; kids finishing up high school; and others.


Actually, a commute between Houston and Beaumont would not be much longer than from the Woodlands to downtown Houston or from Katy to downtown Houston. My wife had a co-worker that used to work in Beaumont; was transferred to Houston; commuted for a while; finally rented an apartment in Houston. The co-worker's commute in Houston took longer than the commute between Houston and Beaumont.



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