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Prairie View Game Nuggets (Update on player hit on bike)


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1. Some have asked if the Panther band would be at Provost Umphrey Saturday and the answer is yes they will be in attendance.


2. Heard that there are approx 200 chairback seats still available for Saturdays home opener.


3. The team came away from the ULL game pretty healthy. I asked specifically about Adren Dorsey who looked banged up during the game and I was told that "they're pretty good" on the injury front.


4. Finally- The player hit on his bicycle today was Marshall Fairchild and they seem to think he's fine but he did go to the hospital for a checkup. That's a situation that couldve been a lot worse.



That's what I got so far today...



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I'm so glad their band is coming!!!!


Why? They just dance around like a bunch of idiots.


LOL yet another pretty racist comment. But seeing that it's coming from you it doesn't supprise me at all. Maybe we are glad that they are coming because they are entertaining. Maybe it's because it will add a little more atmosphere to The Cage. Or maybe we are glad because in annoys racist people like you.

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