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P.A. Sounded terrible.


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At least we can all agree it sucked. Trust me, it was a hassle trying to get it right.


Basically there were a few things that played into it sounding bad. Whoever said wind, that was one of them....the other was the band, and not our band if you what i mean...and the third is a little hard to explain....the audio coming from our main control was fine, it was when it hit the main board upstairs...it was of sorts "out of whack"....but towards the end I got it fixed and sounded much better..


Here is a little short for ya...


About a year ago we had an event there in which the speakers were truly blown....i mean bad, everyone wonders why last year the ref mic sounded bad, that was it...so i had those replaced, and a limiter put in to stop the levels going over what the sound system is to handle...so in the past where you typically hear it get real loud and blows you out...no more....the limiter stops any level over what the speakers can handle...so in the event that another PV game pops up, and a band plays throughout the entire game....it will without a doubt be hard to hear....


So to sum up, factors are above...shouldn't have this problem again, but with live productions/sporting events anything can happen...



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