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Provost Umphrey Stadium Review


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Guest NorthoftheBorder

I think you need to keep the review in perspective of the site. Stadium Journey is a world-wide review of sports stadiums and venues. When reviews are conducted, they are done from that perspective; rated against similar venues worldwide. I can understand that a resident of the Beaumont area may not be thrilled that the Neighborhood rating isn't glowing, but to compare Beaumont to other stadium neighborhoods worldwide, and to expect higher than a 2 in my opinion would be a little unreasonable. I'll be working on reviews of Sam Houston State and Southeastern Louisiana in the coming weeks and for comparison's sake I can tell you that both Huntsville and Hammond, LA will be getting a 1 out of 5 in that category. You are going up against the best stadium neighborhoods in the world, and you got a 2 out of 5; that's a pretty good rating, in my opinion.


So, with that said, I'm open to adding additional local information about the area and adjusting the neighborhood section a little further, but you're not going to convince me that Beaumont deserves to be ranked in the top half of stadium neighborhoods worldwide.

It isn't the rating # that is so bad, it is the word usage and the fact that you esentially said, hey don't waste time in Bmt except to go to the game, go to either Houston or Lake Chuck!! That is what is offensive. Hey they can go visit those cities when they go to see games there!!

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Updated review is posted: http://www.stadiumjourney.com/stadiums/provost-umphrey-stadium-s1344


Hopefully you guys feel a little better about this one. For comparison, here's the link to the Bowers Stadium review: http://www.stadiumjourney.com/stadiums/elliott-t.-bowers-stadium-s1350


Once again, thanks for providing reviews for the Southland Conference stadiums. I'm looking forward to reading reviews of the other stadiums in the conference.


In reference to the Bowers Stadium review, both in the immediate local area with the items already mentioned in the review as well as activities within a one hour drive, Huntsville could be a nice center for a football game / mini-vaction combination.


In Huntsville, the Sam Houston Memorial Museum might be a good add for something to do. It has been years since I went through it, but I enjoyed the visit; particularly Sam Houston's Steamboat House located on the grounds. http://samhoustonmemorialmuseum.com/


Huntsville State Park is nice also. We camped there on one of our trips to Oklahoma. For outdoors type people, it might be an interesting way to combine a sporting event with other activities. http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/state-parks/huntsville


Lake Livingston is about 25 miles east of Huntsville. Lake Livingston State Park is around fifty mile. http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/state-parks/lake-livingston


Going the other direction, George Bush Presidential Library and Museum is 50 miles to the west in College Station. http://bushlibrary.tamu.edu/


Texas Renaissance Festival is about 50 miles to the south and is open early October through late November. http://texrenfest.com/


For me, part of the fun of going to an out of town game is seeing what the local area offers. I've found a lot of what I would consider "hidden gems" in many instances.

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