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  1. What may be an egregious oversight on my part I have to acknowledge our own Lamar Cardinals baseball team. They had a very good season finishing with a strong 44-15 record. The team rewarded their fans with a great home record of 24-4! Unfortunately the Cards lost to McNeese in a semi final game in the conference tournament. Head coach Will Davis has done a good job at Lamar but 2024 was easily his best since he became head coach in 2017. That success has not gone unnoticed. The Cards won the SLC Championship, were runner up in the SLC Conference Tournament. Davis was named SLC Coach of the Year for 2024. Seniors River Orsek and Brian Caple won SLC honors as well. A belated and well deserved congratulations for a great season for Will Davis and his Lamar Cardinals!
  2. What may be an egregious oversight on my part I have to acknowledge our own Lamar Cardinals baseball team. They had a very good season finishing with a strong 44-15 record. The team rewarded their fans with a great home record of 24-4! Unfortunately the Cards lost to McNeese in a semi final game in the conference tournament. Head coach Will Davis has done a good job at Lamar but 2024 was easily his best since he became head coach in 2017. That success has not gone unnoticed. The Cards won the SLC Championship, were runner up in the SLC Conference Tournament. Davis was named SLC Coach of the Year for 2024. Seniors River Orsek and Brian Caple won SLC honors as well. A belated and well deserved congratulations for a great season for Will Davis and his Lamar Cardinals!
  3. Houston is limping along 5 games under .500. It’s just dumb luck the Astros are in the weakest division in the American League. If Houston was in the AL East they would be in last place 14.5 games behind the Yankees. If they were in the AL Central they would be in 5th place 12 games behind Cleveland. Astros fans could take solace in the fact that they don’t suck nearly as bad as the Chicago White Sox who have only managed to win 17 of their 65 games so far. Ouch! as it is Houston is just 5.5 games behind Seattle for the division lead and just 1/2 game behind the Texas Rangers. If Houston completes the sweep of the Angels and the San Francisco Giants complete the sweep in their series against the Rangers Houston will have jumped into 2nd place in the ALWest. As long as I’m dreaming, if Kansas City completes their series sweep of Seattle Houston would be just 4.5 games behind the M’s! I’ve really got to calm down! There’s still a lot of baseball left to play. One step at a time. I will be very interested in where the Astros stand a month from now when the All Star break rolls around. Southeast Texas is getting hot and so is the AL West. It’s going to be an interesting summer.
  4. I was pleasently surprised recently when I saw former Astro Josh Reddick was on the Astros postgame show on Wednesday night. Other than the Astros losing the game it was great to Josh return to the Astros fold! I am watching the Astros pregame this evening and Reddick is part of that show too! As much as I can tell Reddick is now a part of the Astros broadcast family! I have noticed Josh is good at communicating and he doesn’t just regurgitate cliches. I also notice he is wearing his 2017 World Series ring! The Astros didn’t cheat to win a World Series and even those who admitted to sign stealing couldn’t steal signs on the road and half of Houston’s 4 WS wins were on the road including Game 7. One other fun fact: Jose Altuve, Tony Kemp and Josh Reddick refused to participate in the sign stealing. Welcome home Jose Reddick!
  5. This offseason has been a disaster for the Astros. Former Astros pitcher Mike Fiers ratted the team out last fall about how the Astros went about using electronic methods to steal signs of opposing pitchers at their home games. There is no earthly reason I can fathom why Fiers, 2 years removed from his days as an Astro for him to all of a sudden pimp out the Astros unless he was frustrated that the Astros smoked his new team, the Oakland A's, consistently over the past two seasons and he wanted revenge for the constant reminder that he was no longer part of the team where he won his one and only championship in MLB. The fact is, if it's petty jealousy the losses the A's suffered the past two years came both home and away which means the Astros could only have cheat 1/2 of the time. Furthermore the Astros won 101 games and fact is Houston won more games on the road (53-28) than they won at home (48-33) which is a clear indication that cheating at Minute Maid Park did not significantly influence the success of their season. The cheating only came at the Juice Box because there would not be able to set up cameras and communication in their opponent's stadiums. Mike Fiers is a rat and nothing will change my opinion of him. I don't wish any harm or ill fortune to come to him except for one thing, I hope the MLB players around the league give him the cold shoulder from here on out. He has cost people their jobs damaged the reputations of people that might not have deserved it and there is no reason why. Not only have AJ Hinch and Jeff Luhnow lost their jobs they are suspended for the entirety of the 2020 season. Alex Cora, who was the bench coach of the 2017 Astros was under investigation related to the cheating in Houston and allegations cheating with his new team. Cora won the manager's job in Boston before the 2018 season. Cora is linked to the cheating with both teams. This past week he was dismissed as the Red Sox manager. Former Astros player Carlos Beltran who was an Astros player was also part of the investigation. Just a few weeks ago he was hired as manager of the New York Mets. His tenure as manager only lasted a few weeks as he was let go this week as well. The cheating was wrong and some punishment was deserved but the backlash from this is very terrible and from all accounts this cheating was player driven and not one player, except Beltran has been punished. Beltran's only punishment came from the Mets not MLB. The off season trouble began last October when form Astros executive Brandon Taubman got in the faces of female reporters basically yelling that he was glad the Astros signed closer Roberto Osuna, a person who was serving a suspension from MLB for domestic violence. A totally inappropriate and stupid thing for Taubman to do. At first the Astros gave support to Taubman until witnesses came forward to confirm the claims that he made totally inappropriate comments. The Astros looked foolish and damage control done by Jim Crane was to reassign Vice President of Business Operations to basically a consultants role. The move didn't sit well with Reid's father Nolan who let the Astros know he would no longer be part of the Astros organization going forward. The Ryans own the Astros AA Corpus Christi Hooks and AAA Round Rock Express. There is no doubt in my mind that when the contracts the Astros have with these teams expire neither team will remain part of the Astros organization. The Ryans, Nolan especially, are beloved in Houston and the fallout from this could mean that the damage done will cause people to not stand behind Crane. The PR damage done involving the Ryans may never be repaired. Crane effed up and only getting the Ryans back on board, severe grovelling may be required, could save face for Jim Crane. The season ended so badly with Houston losing the World Series after being up 3 games to 2 and the final 2 games at home was devastating. With the Ryans, Luhnow and Hinch gone the window for success for this Astros lineup may have not just closed, but it likely has slammed shut. As an Astros fan I don't hold much hope for their future success. There's a John Lennon song called, "Nobody Told Me" with the tag line, 'Strange days indeed', which is quite appropriate as we sit here less than a month from Spring Training.
  6. Opening day finally arrived and it was a happy arrival. Houston beat Tampa in Tampa to start the opening series of the 2019 season. Justin Verlander, who came in 2nd place in 2018 Cy Young voting, faced off against Blake Snell, the man who won the Cy Young last season. Statistically, Verlander should have won the Cy Young but since Snell had the best record in baseball he got the win. Yesterday Snell took the loss as Houston beat Tampa 5-1. Verlander clearly outpitched Snell as he went 7 innings allowing just one run, a lead off home run by Rays RF Austin Meadows. After that, except for a some excitement in the 2nd inning, Verlander was unhittable. For the game he gave up just the one run on 3 hits and a walk. He also notched 9 K's on the day. Snell, on the other hand, went 6 innings giving up all 5 of the Astros runs. Houston got all of their runs via home runs. Down 1-0 in the 3rd C Robinson Chirinos and Jake Marisnick worked walks. George Springer came up and hit a tape measure homer to straight away center field. According to statcast the ball traveled 427 feet. It was the third consecutive year Springer homered on opening day. In the 4th, newcomer Michael Brantley hit a solo homer and Jose Altuve added a solo shot in the 5th to round out the scoring. All in all it was a very nice first day. As the joke goes, the Astros are on pace to go 162-0. Game #2 of the 2019 season is tonight at 6:10 PM. Gerrit Cole will go for Houston and he will face former Astro Charlie Morton goes for Tampa. ....and a fine time will be had by all!
  7. Dak sucked. There is no way to sugar coat it or gloss over it. As much as I was looking forward to this opening game of the 2018 season it was so disappointing to see the quarterback be as bad as he was. Oh, he maneuvered his way around a tenuous pocket pretty well but when it came time to actually throw a pass he was just gawd-awful. The running game got a little better as the game wore on but 15 carries for 69 yards and a TD isn’t what anyone in Cowboys-land wanted or expected. Dak didn’t throw any picks in the game but it could be because all his throws were either too high or short hopped in front of his receivers. The poor offensive output was almost all on Dak. It didn’t help that every time Dallas seemed to have something going they would hold or have a false start or something to shoot themselves in the foot. The Cowboys never made it past mid field until the 3rd quarter. Not good and between Dak being lousy and drive killing penalties Dallas couldn’t get out of their own way. Do you think there will be some second-guessing and a bit of finger pointing as the first attempt in a regular season game, ever, for new kicker Brett Maher ended up wide right? It was a 47-yard attempt but when you have just released the most accurate kicker, and all-time Cowboys best kicker, for a 28-year-old “rookie” who has never made an NFL field goal in his life then you have the makings for the local Dallas media to start ripping the coaching staff for letting Dan Bailey go. As a matter of fact, Maher hasn’t even made an extra point yet as he didn’t get the chance to kick the Cowboys point after their only TD of the game because they went for, and made, a 2-point conversion. I was excited to see this defense play and except for some blown assignments covering Dak in the first half and some poor tackling I thought the Defense played really well. If you consider the good field position the offense kept giving to Carolina’s offense especially through all the first half a lesser defense would have been steam rolled by the Panthers. The only down side was a collision by Randy Gregory and DeMarcus Lawrence when they met at Cam Newton in the offensive backfield that resulted in a concussion to Gregory. Hopefully, he will be fine and ready for next week’s game against the New York Giants. The old Jason Garrett is a terrible game manager reared its ugly head. In the 4th quarter the Cowboys had a 4th and 10 near midfield with all 3-time outs and the 2-minute warning and around 4 minutes left in the game Garrett chose to go for it and, given how bad Dak was playing, was not a great idea. Of course, the Cowboys failed to convert and the subsequent field position gave the Panthers a great chance to score and put the game out of reach. If Dallas had punted and pinned the Panther down around their own 10 or so. If Dallas holds then they get the ball right back at midfield. As it was the Cowboys D did hold and the Panthers punt resulted in a touchback and Dallas had the ball at their own 20 with no timeouts. Garrett sacrificed 30 yards of field position for no good reason. In this case, he was guilty of poor game management. Yep, a very disappointing start to the season. Hopefully, things will get better. Hopefully, Dak gets better.
  8. Okay, I can't stand it any longer. How in God's name can Hilary Clinton be a candidate for President when she is so not qualified to lead the United States of America. At worst she is a conniving dragon lady who is ruthless and dangerous and will sell out the USA for votes. At best she is just simply incompetent and her record as Secretary of State should be evidence enough of that. Recently Donald Trump flat called her a liar and a crook and a person who shouldn't be running for President of the United States because she should cooling her heels in jail for the crimes she's committed. I completely agree with Trump. If you are tired of business as usual in Washington then you don't want Hilary as President. The saving grace of Trump is he isn't a politician, he's a businessman. A successful businessman and maybe that is just what this country needs. Somebody who understands a budget and knows how to streamline a business which, when you get right down to it, is what the US government is. This country has worked too long under boondoggles and bad deals and ridiculous rules and regulations that seem to be meant only for frustrating the people in the hope they give up their claim or their business. Hilary wants to welcome illegal aliens to the USA and shower them with food, clothing, shelter and jobs using money you and I pay in taxes. She wants to give these people all this even though they haven't earned one cent of that government assistance. All the while we all wonder IF we will be able to collect social security that we all have earned during the course of our lives. As it is, to collect full benefits you have to be 66 years old. Do you want to work until you're 66? I don't but if I had to depend on a SS checks in my retirement that's what I'd have to do. An even bigger picture item has the USA giving away jobs to foreign countries to the detriment of this country. We are spending obscene amount of money in countries that hate us and don't want us there all the while education in this country is in steady decline. I could go on for a while without even taking a breath because I am so frustrated with "politics as usual". Bill Clinton made a big deal about making a change and it's been the clarion call of every presidential candidate since to change the business as usual crap of Washington. This time I think it's different. Why? Because Trump is not a politician he's a business man. He sees the damage that has been done to our economy by past regimes and he doesn't need anyone to explain to him what it all means because that's his business. It's been said for a long time that is the US government were run like a business a lot of the fat and the waste would be dumped because it's not good business. Most of the dealings with foreign nations, when it comes right down to it, is about business. I want a guy who wants to make our business stronger and who gives a crap about being nice to another business (nation) especially when that business hates you and is doing their best to take you down. I'm backing Trump 100% because I believe he is the best man for the job at this point in our history. This above my low view of Hilary Clinton. Trump is the best man, IMO, to be president. Hilary is, at best, a liar and incompetent and at worse she's evil and people die around her and she doesn't care two shakes about the USA. All she wants to do is be the President. I hate that woman and we'll all suffer if she's elected in November. I have no great love for Trump but he is definitely a better choice than the dragon lady. No offense to Mr Trump but a big steaming pile of dung on a table would be a better choice than Hilary.
  9. Happy birthday, Big T!
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