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  1. The traditional wisdom is don't gripe about a call because they even out. This blown, how in the world did they miss it, fire the whole stinkin crew of officials, don't let them leave the state, call is the exception to the rule. Iv'e seen officials, from the other side , of the field, throw a flag for much much less blatant penalties. Just to recap, the DB was guilty of pass interference, targeting to the head with video evidence, that, if this was a crime, would force the DB to settle and go to prison. The aforementioned DB couldn't live with the lie, the video evidence, and admitted that he was beat, that he hit early, and that he was just trying to save the touchdown. The Saint's were mugged, in broad daylight,on national TV, and there is nothing they can do about it. OOOP's, our bad says the NFL. Well, that just makes it all better.
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