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Who Do You LIke In Super Bowl XLVIII???

eagle eye

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I don't intend to pile on with all the over saturation of media coverage for this sunday's game. I am curious about how BRI'ers feel about who will win Super Bowl XLVIII. I didn't really want to say it out loud but I'm on the Broncos bandwagon. Nothing scientific here, I'm from Colorado and I like Peyton. Who are y'all pulling for?
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Except for Seattle fans and Bronco haters, that game was anything but "super". Manning didn't appear to be on his game. Of course, a lot of that might have been from the Seattle defense. I have to admit I lost interest in the game shortly after the 2nd half started and found other things to do while keeping the TV on in case there was a miraculous comeback like the one the Buffalo Bills did to the "Luv Ya Blue" Oilers in a playoff game during the Bum Phillips days.


As one of my wife's Facebook friends posted last night, "It looked like the Houston Texans were playing instead of the Denver Broncos."


Oh well, that's behind us. On with the draft, trades and training camps, and next season!

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I'm with you LUSportsFan. I lost interest when Seattle went up 22-0 going into halftime and I really lost interest when Percy Harvin ran the second half kickoff back for a TD.


One thing, I listen to a lot of sportstalk radio during the week and for the last two weeks if they weren't talking about Richard Sherman's outburst following the Seahawks win over the 49ers or updating the weather forecast the talking heads were discussing Peyton Manning's legacy. I think all that talk is stupid. If Manning wins he goes down as the greatest NFL QB ever. If he loses he's a bum. A Hall of Fame bum, but a bum. Really? REALLY?! The thing is, Seattle was better than Denver yesterday. If they played next week it might turn out totally different. The fact is Denver was in a situation described in the film "The Replacements". At one point during a team meeting Keanu Reeves character said he was afraid of quicksand. When asked what he meant he said that one thing goes wrong, then another and the harder you try the deeper you sink until you're in over your head---like quicksand. Denver was in quicksand last night and no matter how hard they tried they just couldn't do anything right. No matter how hard they tried they just couldn't get momentum to leave Seattle's side of the field. To Seattle's credit, they were good but every break went their way and even when Denver made a play somebody messed it up. For example a 20-25 yard pass to DeMaryius Thomas was wiped out when the ball was knocked out of his hand and Seattle recovered just outside their own 20. To add injury to insult Denver was called for unnecessary roughness after the play and Seattle got the ball back up near their 40. One thing after another but it wasn't all Manning's fault. He didn't play defense or special teams but this loss seems to be all Manning's fault. It's unfair to judge Manning like that. They harp on his playoff record but when you have a mediocre defense and you play teams who, by and large don't, you suffer the consequences. Indianapolis didn't have a dominating defense. They were undersized up front and built to rush the passer with a lead. So facing better competition in the playoffs the Colts came up short a lot. What happened in last year's playoffs in Denver. Baltimore was losing and the Broncos played horrendous defense and allowed the Ravens to win. Despite giving his team the lead with less than 2 minutes left in the game Manning is blamed for the loss. See what I mean? Not fair. Peyton Manning didn't get blown out of Super Bowl XLVIII, the Denver Broncos did. Manning didn't have his best game but a lot of credit has to go to Seattle's defense for that. The Seattle offense outplayed the Broncos defense by leaps and bounds as well. Yes, Denver held Marshawn Lynch to 35 rushing yards but Russell Wilson's arm and legs made up for the lack of a run game. Denver couldn't stop Seattle on 3rd down for beans. Team game but Manning's to blame. Legacy? Please. Give Seattle credit but let's leave the legacy crap for the next generation to decide as has been done forever. Most people don't have a legacy until they die, or at least retire. The story is still being written so it's impossible to say what his, or anyone else's, legacy will be.

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