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Lance Berkman Retiring


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Former Astro Lance Berkman has decided to call it a career and retire from Major League Baeball. For his career he posted a .293 average, 366 HRs, 1234 RBI, a .406 OBP, and a .943 OPS. He will probably end up falling short of the Hall of Fame but there was no denying he was a nightmare to pitchers across the league for a 10 year stretch. Played all or parts of 12 of his 15 seasons in an Astro uniform hitting .296, 326 HRs, 1090 RBI, a .410 OBP, and a .959 OPS and was truly one of the good guys in the game. Injury bug seemed to force him to retire and he was quoted as saying he wasn't one of those guys that "hang on just to hang on". Personally, I've never been a fan of the one day contracts to retire with a certain team but I wouldn't be opposed to one with Berkman and Houston
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That's great news. Roy O and Berkman were a big part of the success Houston enjoyed in the new millenium. I'm glad they feel that way too. They were brought up by then GM Gerry Hunsicker who built the Astros into a contending team and they stayed there until he left. The closeness with the Astros fan base had a lot to do with Hunsicker and the loyalty of Bagwell and Biggio and their influence had a lot to do with the long term success Houston enjoyed.
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