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SLU exposes Lamars warts in 71-62 finale


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With one lengthy answer to a fairly innocuous question in the aftermath of Southeastern Louisiana's 71-62 victory over Lamar Saturday night, Cardinal interim coach Tic Price innocently spilled the beans on why it's almost unconscionable that the school will be paying Pat Knight over $400,000 to leave town two years before his contract expires. Without actually saying it, Price left little doubt Knight's lazy and misguided recruiting has left a monumental challenge for his successor.



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Let's see, according to the quote, Lamar needs bigger, more athletic and better shooters. I wonder how many times posters on this board have said that over the last two years. I know LU has a lack of depth with the size issues on this past years team, and I know that in two and a half weeks it would be very difficult to change up any more than Price accomplished. But if he truly recognized what LU needs on the court then why did he never put the three good forwards we have in the game at the same time. Green is a decent outside shooter including from three point range, both Wilson and Ross showed they could make the 12 to fifteen footer, but last night we continued with the three guards for all of the game and none of them were able to hit the outside shot consistently.
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