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"Dinner Is On Miggy"


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Those are the words uttered from the mouth of Detroit OF Torii Hunter this morning after news broke of Miguel Cabrera's new record contract last night. The actual extension is for 8 years 248 million dollars but factor in that he is owed a total of 44 million for the 2014 and 2015 season under his current contract, the grand total comes out to 292 million dollars over a ten year period. So now I'll pose the question...who is a happier man today...Miguel Cabrera or Mike Trout?
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I'll tell you someone who's the most pissed......Miggy's teammate Max Scherzer. Argueably the best pitcher in baseball the last few years sees a teammate with 2 years left on his already pricey contract getting an 8 year extention making his contract worth almost 1/3 of a BILLION dollars. Scherzer has been in contract negotiations with the Tigers and Detroit has done nothing for him. Both sides claim they have made offers that would make Scherzer one of the highest paid pitchers in baseball but as of this past Monday negotiations broke off and both Scherzer and the Tigers say there will be no contract negotiating during the season which begins Monday. This means Scherzer could be a free agent in 2015 since this is the last year of his current contract. I don't want to throw stones but Scherzer is represented by infamous agent Scott Boras. You can't help but wonder if Boras isn't part of the problem.
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