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2014 football season

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The roster has been updated and the OL just keeps getting bigger:


Chris Mayer - 350

Brock Wempa - 325

Justin Brock - 300

Chance McCormack - 300

John Craven - 290

Seth Blendermann - 290

Bret Treadway - 290

Chase Woods - 285

Tramon Shead - 285


There's some good size on the DL too:


Joshua Frost - 320

Omar Tebo - 315

Joe Okafor - 305

Seth Adams - 285


OL Redshirt freshman Hunter Conn is no longer on the roster. Not sure what happened to him. I don't see any other roster changes.

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Lot better size up front than we are accustomed to. Hate to see that about Conn. Felt like he could be a player for us and genuinely wanted to be here it seemed since he committed so early and held that until signing day


Not only is it the weight of those guys up front but the overall size of them is encouraging...only 3 of those listed are under 6'3" an that's the 3 DTs (Frost, Tebo and Adams)...and 3 are True Freshman who will quite possibly redshirt (Blendermann, Woods, and Adams - he has the best shot of playing) so they will only get bigger. Starting bookend OTs should be 6'7" (Mayer) and 6'5" (Brock). If the OL can stay healthy then there should (key word) be no reason for us to have to complain about them

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I haven't heard anything. We renewed ours and moved over a couple of sections. We had great seats in section W202 the last three years, but thought we'd try the chair back seats this season.


Looking at the online ticket site, it looks like there are a lot of good seats available. I hope we have a good turnout this season. We've enjoyed the last three!


With 7 games this season, the per game price works out to the following for the Green, White, and General Admission sections.


Green: $14.29 ($100/7)

White: $ 8.57 ($60/7)

GA: $ 6.43 ($45/7)


With the Cardinal Club membership, the Red and Gold sections work out to more, but a lot of the additional cost helps fund Lamar athletics (primarily the cost of athletic scholarships)

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So I crunched a few numbers on the O-Line comparing their size to the past Cardinal teams since 2010...here's what I came up with:

2010 averages - 6'2.75" 293 lbs

2011 averages - 6'3" 293 lbs

2012 averages - 6'2.5" 275 lbs

2013 averages - 6'3" 283 lbs

2014 averages - 6'3.25" 292 lbs


2010 featured a player (that I don't recall seeing play much) who weighed in at 385 lbs, and in 2011 we had the Anthony Oden (6'8" 305 lbs) & Daniel Campbell (6'5" 370 lbs) experiment that proved size means nothing if you just plain suck at blocking. So the numbers in those years may be skewed a bit. One other interesting thing I noticed was the number of OL on the roster. 2010-2012 had 17 listed each year, 2013 had 16, and so far for the 2014 roster there are only 13 listed with 3 true freshman in line to possibly redshirt. Hopefully Woodard and Co. are keeping their eyes open to possible transfers to add some depth.

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The wife and I might if I can sell it to her. We have close ties to both universities so it would be interesting. We had season tickets to A&M games for all but four years of the Lamar no-football years...1993-2008. Lamar season tickets sandwiched the A&M ones. :)


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