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Here's mine:


1. Denver Broncos- They'll be the team to beat if Peyton stays upright

2. Kansas City Chiefs- Need to prove last year wasn't a fluke

3. San Diego Chargers- Tough team to predict

4. Oakland Raiders- I'm interested to see how Matt Schaub does




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I'll go with...


Denver -- If Peyton Manning doesn't end up hurt, they'll win the division going away. Just far too many weapons and far too few legitimate AFC contenders to knock them off.


San Diego -- The coaching change after the 2012-2013 season seemed to have revived the career of Philip Rivers. They'll continue to progress and win a wild-card spot.


Kansas City -- Without the easy schedule they had last year, they'll regress to a .500 team this year.


Oakland -- Well... at least they didn't move to LA, right? Matt Schaub becomes the 2,849th starting quarterback for the Raiders since they went to the Super Bowl with Rich Gannon. Schaub will play better than most of the other 2,848... which means they'll win 5 games instead of 3.

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1. Denver - Manning will be fine which means the offense will be fine and the defense should be stronger too.

2. Kansas City - I've got them by a nose over San Diego because you just can't fail to consider the Andy Reid factor. Alex Smith is pretty dang good too.

3. San Diego - Under new head coach Mike McCoy and offensive coordinator Frank Reich Phillip Rivers was reborn. The addition of Danny Woodhead made Chargers fans forget Darren Sproles. Ryan Mathews finally played more games than he missed and Keenan Allen has emerged as legit #1 WR and of course there's the ageless Antonio Gates as well. Under DC John Pagano the defense looked like it had some life as well.

4. Oakland - It remains to be seen if Oakland can finally be anything more than the division doormat. The Raiders went hard in free agency and they didn't do half bad in the draft. But, it's the Raiders, dude. They are going to have to show SOMETHING before they get any real respect as a possible contender.


The difference between KC and SD is slim. I literally almost had to flip a coin to decide between them. KC had some injuries on defense that hurt them down the stretch and if they can stay healthy, or healthier, that and Reid is the difference that swayed me toward KC.

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1. Kc- best rb in nfl, with qb who doesn't give games away, and, a more than capable defense


2. San Diego- I only put them here, because I forecast the demise of manning....if that doesn't happen, Denver all the way. Rivers is a punk so I hate to put them here.


3. Denver- again, solely relying on manning going down, and fox is that good of a coach. Defense will keep them vying for a wildcard regardless of manning...VON.


4. Raiders- Lol....Schaub...are u f)-;%# kidding me...lol...loser.

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